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Is registration required to participate?
Yes, you must register during the registration period in order to participate. Walk-in is not accepted.

What are the methods of registration?
Registration only takes place on the WEC website unless otherwise noted. If you wish to register, please visit the Registration page for more information.

I don't have enough people to make up a whole team, can I still register?
Due to the nature of the competitions, unfortunately single participants will not be considered. Teams must consist of four (4) engineering students. For further inquiries, please contact the WEC Commissioner.

What's the minimum number of people per team?
Four (4) for Junior Design, Senior Design and Consulting, two (2) in SFF Debates, and one (1) in SFF Technical Speaking.

Am I allowed to make changes to my registration after submitting the registration form?
You are allowed to make changes to your registration until the registration period ends. Please email the WEC Commissioner.

Can I include a second-year student on my Senior Design team?
For WEC, we allow up to one (1) second-year student per team in the Senior Design category. The OEC does not explicitly state that second-year students are not allowed; however, if the OEC organizers do not allow this exception, then your team will need to find a substitution for the OEC.

Competition Day

What if one of our team members isn't available on the day of the competition?
If a team member is unable to make it to the competition, you are allowed to have up to one substitute; substitution only applies in the categories of Junior Design, Senior Design, and Consulting. Your team can also choose to compete with only three (3) people.

What building skills will I need for Junior Design?
Usually in Junior Design, competitors are not required to use power tools. Building materials generally consist of hot glue, nails, etc, and cutting is usually done with scissors or knives (and sometimes hand saws). If in the case a power tool needs to be used and competitors do not feel comfortable using it, competitors can ask competition directors/volunteers to help.

More Questions?

Contact the WEC Commissioner and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!