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The Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) is a partnership between the Sandford Fleming Foundation (SFF) and the UW Engineering Society (EngSoc). The following are the members of the WEC organizing committee.

Engineering Society Directors

The Waterloo Engineering Society competition directors are in charge of the Waterloo Engineering Competition. Their jobs encompass all the logistics associated with running a successful competition. Since the competition directors change term by term, an updated list of directors can be found on the engineering society website. If you have any general inquiries, contact the WEC Commissioner.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining the WEC organizing committee. If you would like to become a director, please contact the VP External of the on-stream Engineering Society.

Janna Henzl Janna Jenzl - Commissioner
Hi! My name is Janna and I’m currently in 2B Chemical Engineering. I am thrilled to be the commissioner for WEC, Spring 2014. WEC is the first step for UWaterloo students to expand and share our visions among other schools during OEC, CEC and IEC. Working with a team of dedicated and passionate directors, we will create a competition that prepares you for the next step at OEC. Feel free to contact me at for questions and inquries!

Sandford Fleming Foundation Representatives

Steve Lambert Faculty Coordinator, Professor Steve Lambert
The faculty coordinator is appointed by the SFF to oversee the Waterloo Engineering Competition. The faculty coordinator also processes the SFF awards given to the winning teams in each competition category. Professor Lambert started the Waterloo Cases in Design Engineering group and is the NSERC - General Motors of Canada Chair in Collaborative Design. He is particularly excited about learning, and enhancing the learning experience for both students and faculty.
Bettina Wahl Office Manager, Donna Armborst
Donna works for the Sandford Fleming Foundation, and has coordinated the SFF Debates and SFF Technical Speaking competitions in the past. Some of her responsibilities as far as the WEC are concerned include booking classrooms for the WEC competitions, helping arrange catering, and working on advertising with the WEC directors.